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Hampton News & Golf Tips

Hampton Golf clubs provide a great balance of challenging, premier golf courses blended with great social amenities. Combined with Hampton Golf's dedication to excellent service, Hampton Golf Members enjoy a truly great experience where camaraderie flourishes.

Remembering Arnold Palmer

On September 25, we lost a legend. MG Orender, President of Hampton Golf and 33rd President of the PGA, wanted to take a moment to remember Mr. Palmer and share some of his experiences with him over the years.

Blue Sky Featured in NGF Report

Blue Sky Golf Club, a Hampton Golf managed facility in Jacksonville, Fla., was featured as an example of a modern golf facility with a focus on a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the National Golf Foundation's 2015 report titled, "#Golf & the Millenial Generation."

Why Your Scores Are Better When You Play in the Morning

Everyone has different styles and preferences when it comes to the game of golf. While largely personal preference, what many golfers have realized is that they actually play better when they play in the morning.

How Focusing on Your Grip Can Improve Your Game

One thing that many golfers can easily overlook though is their golf grip. The grip that you have on your golf clubs is extremely important and can make all of the difference between a successful round of golf and a failed one.

5 Tips to Improve Business Relations on The Golf Course

The game of golf is used for a variety of reasons. Some play it competitively in the form of a sport, some play it socially, while others actually use it as a means of pursuing business relations.