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Who Is Hampton Golf?

We are innovative thinkers that offer an approach to hospitality from the highest level of strategy down to the deepest level of detail.

Hampton Golf is a leading full-service hospitality management company known for a dynamic management style that is client-focused rather than process driven. With 20+ years of independent club management experience, the growing company develops and leads award-winning properties across the country.

Hampton Golf’s diversified portfolio covers numerous club segments. The company has a specialization in lifestyle programming, sales management, strategic marketing, food & beverage, and agronomy services. The results speak for themselves: Hampton Golf’s managed clubs regularly outperform market-associated peers and achieve above-average revenue growth for their markets.

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Many years of Golf Course and club management have taught the executives of Hampton Golf Management one important thing – success is best achieved when members and Guests leave a club or course completely satisfied with their experience. So when MG Orender and Ed Burr founded Hampton Golf in 1998, they set out to provide their clients with unparalleled customer service and exemplary management.

With extensive experience working with a variety of clients from private owners and member boards to financial institutions and land developers, Hampton Golf has a solid track record of providing best-in-class service. There is no other company in the industry that will pay closer attention to the business shifts of a facility than Hampton Golf. By making strategic proactive moves to improve upcoming business, Hampton Golf can successfully manage and grow revenue for its clients.