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Hampton Golf clubs provide a great balance of challenging, premier golf courses blended with great social amenities. Combined with Hampton Golf's dedication to excellent service, Hampton Golf Members enjoy a truly great experience where camaraderie flourishes.

How to Implement a Golf Academy and Junior Program

Golf was formally invented in the 1740s, although it was played hundreds of years beforehand. It has remained a very popular sport since then among adults and children. Teaching children and teens about golf is a great way to spark a passion for the game early on.

But where should you start? A golf academy is a great launch point. But what do you need to know about starting a junior golf program?

How can you ensure it is a success and the kids like it? Keep reading and learn how to get started below.

The Benefits of Using a Management Company for Your Golf Course or Country Club

Owning and operating a golf course or country club is no small task. There are countless small details that need to be dealt with on a daily basis, to say nothing of the major issues that need to be addressed as well. At the same time, you need to ensure your facility is providing the services and amenities your members want to keep them coming back year after year. It’s a challenge, to be sure.

How to Book More Weddings—A Guide For Golf Course Operators

Golf courses and country clubs boast stunning facilities, beautiful surroundings, and the capability to cater to large crowds for events. Even so, many clubhouses are seeing a decline in venue bookings.

So how do you get the word out that your facilities are not only open for weddings, but also different from competing venues?