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Hampton Golf clubs provide a great balance of challenging, premier golf courses blended with great social amenities. Combined with Hampton Golf's dedication to excellent service, Hampton Golf Members enjoy a truly great experience where camaraderie flourishes.

How to Create a Customer Focused Culture at Your Golf Course

How to Create a Customer Focused Culture at Your Golf Course

There are 2,244,512 acres of golf courses in the USA. If you want to create a great golf course that has players coming back every week, you'll need to set yourself apart from the crowd.

One of the best ways you can do this is by creating a customer-focused culture. This makes your players feel valued and appreciated and keeps them coming back for more.

But what exactly should you do to create such a culture? This article lists some of the best things you can do to craft the perfect experience for your customers.

Tips to Improve Golf Course Maintenance and Operations

Did you know that the average size of a golf course is 160 acres? Somehow, though, a course can seem even bigger if you have to maintain it.

See, golf course maintenance is more than mowing a lawn and emptying the trash cans. It's also about treating the turf, improving playing conditions, and making the most of your club assets. All that takes time and effort.

Want to ensure your golf course looks a million at any time of the season? This golf course maintenance checklist will get you started on the right foot!

Maximizing Revenue Through Event Planning and Rentals

Maximizing Revenue Through Event Planning and Rentals

Statistics show that 41% of marketers believe that events are a critical marketing option. Virtual events are also becoming increasingly popular and profitable.

Golf course event planning can be a great marketing tactic. Not only can it improve your future earnings, but it can also help you to maximize your revenue in the present moment.

Golf course events are extremely popular, and it’s something that golf lovers flock to. There are all kinds of golfing events that you can host to showcase your brand and rentals.

Keep reading to find out more about golf course event planning and how it can be profitable.

How to Implement a Golf Academy and Junior Program

Golf was formally invented in the 1740s, although it was played hundreds of years beforehand. It has remained a very popular sport since then among adults and children. Teaching children and teens about golf is a great way to spark a passion for the game early on.

But where should you start? A golf academy is a great launch point. But what do you need to know about starting a junior golf program?

How can you ensure it is a success and the kids like it? Keep reading and learn how to get started below.