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5 Tips to Improve Business Relations on The Golf Course

The game of golf is used for a variety of reasons. Some play it competitively in the form of a sport, some play it socially, while others actually use it as a means of pursuing business relations.

The game of golf is used for a variety of reasons. Some play it competitively in the form of a sport, some play it socially, while others actually use it as a means of pursuing business relations. Business entrepreneurs often turn to the game of golf to make connections, do some networking. Their skills with a nine iron may not be completely up to par, pardon to the pun, but they may be just good enough that they can have an enjoyable time with business colleagues and make some new connections in the process.

So what are the best ways to go about using golf as a means of building business relations? Are there certain tips or tactics that work better than others? Not everyone wants to go and play a game of golf, only to get bombarded and pressured by talking business for the entire 18-holes. There truly is an art to it where you can use the game of golf to improve business relations, while still having a very good time. Let’s take a look at five tips to help you do exactly this on the golf course.

Show Up at the Golf Course By Yourself

If you want to truly just try and network with some new people, you need to give yourself a chance of meeting these individuals. The best way to do this is to actually show up at the golf course by yourself. When you do this, you will likely end up being placed in a foursome. These are going to be people that you do not know before this round of golf. This gives you a chance to engage in alls ports of conversation and really explore who they are, what they know, and if you can collaborate in any type of way. 18-holes of golf gives a lot of opportunity to have a conversation about pretty much anything.

Don’t Push Business Discussion

No one wants to be forced to talk about business during a round of golf. You want to talk about other things out of the gate to try and break the ice in a sense. Avoid bringing up business until well into the round of golf. This is when you can begin to try and dig a bit deeper. Jumping straight into business questions can force the people you are playing with to feel like they are being interrogated or on a job interview more than they are to have a good time golfing with you.

Don’t Forget the Business Cards

The business card is still the tried and true way of networking with individuals. If you meet someone and you want to engage with them later on, you exchange a business card. Be sure to have a few of these with you so that you can pass them off before the end of the round of golf. If things are going really well, you could even plan a future round of golf or try and set up a lunch to discuss business relations further and in more detail.

Avoid Cheating At All Costs

The last thing you want to do when you are trying to network for the sake of your business profession is to cheat. Do not cut corners when you are playing golf for any reason. When you cheat, you immediately can be seen as someone that cannot be trusted. This can cause the business individuals you are playing with to want to separate themselves from you rather than open up to you about business topics.

Plan the Outing Over a Lunch of Happy Hour

You want to continue the socialization before Sandor after the round of golf. When you are planning a golf outing with business colleagues, try and plan it around a lunch or a happy hour. This can allow you to enjoy each other’s company and continue the conversation off of the golf course. In the end, this is where you’ll likely go into more detail about certain things make those connections you are looking for.

Business relations truly can be improved on the golf course. When you use an 18-hole golf course as a chance to make connections for your profession or your business, you are taking advantage of a great opportunity. The relationships that can be formed on a golf course and the information shared can be invaluable to helping you get ahead in the business world.

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