• Support Services for Club Operators

Modern club management systems
without the club management company

Support services delivers tailored club management systems and solutions to Club operators so they can run their business more efficiently. You choose the services that best fit your Club.  This is not club management, this is systems and solutions built for your club, managed by you. 

Adapted and completely tailored to each of our partner’s specific needs, Support Services reduces fixed and variable expenses while improving execution. 

Your Support Services to choose from:

  • Point of sale transition, including member communication and onboarding
  • Revenue management
  • Sales management and training
  • Marketing and communications
  • Finance, accounting, and reporting
  • Food & beverage guidance and QC
  • Legal counseling
  • Human resources management, including payroll and insurance
  • Insurance advising and comp review

What is Support Services?  Club operators shared that they wanted to reduce expenses, improve operations, and grow capital improvement funds without taking on a full club management company.  That want and need was quickly addressed, and Support Services came to be the first and only component-based club management solution, offering systems and solutions to club operators without management company oversight.

Simply put, Support Services gives club operators the tools, systems, and solutions to manage their business, and the traditional management company stays out of the way. 

A new approach, for sure, and one that is reworking the landscape of traditional club management.  But don’t take our word for it, connect with us, and we will put you in touch with those that have trusted Support Services with their properties.

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