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Marketing Strategies to Use For Your Country Club

Ask any country club manager what the hardest part of their job is and they’ll likely tell you it’s reaching and retaining new members. True, marketing can be a challenge, but there are a handful of proven practices that don’t require tons of experience to implement. They also don’t require you to burn through all your valuable resources just to get started.

To tackle your marketing challenges and draw new members while keeping the existing ones around, here are some helpful marketing strategies to use for your country club.

Strategy #1: Build Customer Loyalty With Special Events

Your club is where your members play golf, but that doesn’t begin to describe everything that’s going on when members gather together. A country club can also be a social hub where people come together not just to hit the links but to meet friends, enjoy time with their families, and — if you play your cards right — celebrate some of life’s best moments.

To reach those terms of endearment, you’ll want to do everything you can to build loyalty to your club. That entails holding events that draw in non-golfing family members, friends, and members of the business community.

Here’s just one example to try: Family Day, where members can bring their immediate family members for free golf. It’s a way for your die-hard members to share the sport they love with their loved ones. Be sure to offer enticements for those who just don’t cater to golfing, though. Hors’ d'oeuvres, poolside cocktails, or beverages served on the links are ways to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. 

Strategy #2:  Play Up the Potential for Golf Outings

In every city or town where there’s a golf course, there’s a market for golf outings. Businesses are always looking for creative ways to engage their employees with team building outings. A golf package at your country club might be just what they’re looking for. Draw up a brochure highlighting the benefits of a golf outing at your club and crank up the direct mail machine to get the word out.

Strategy #3: Increase Awareness With Local Businesses

Many companies periodically host meetings for out-of-town colleagues or clients and they’re looking for fun yet dignified ways to entertain while they do business. It’s up to them whether a round of golf fits into that scenario, but your clubhouse certainly might be a great alternative your town’s local restaurants.

Promote your country club as the best venue in town for business meetings and events. You could again turn to direct mail techniques or have someone go in person to talk to local business owners, letting them know why your club could be ‘networking central’ next time they need to entertain or meet with colleagues. Throw in the idea of an open house with free refreshments and you’re sure to get a great response.

Strategy #4: Partner With Local and National Charitable Organizations

If there were ever a huge potential for event business in any town, it’s with the local charities that are forever hosting events. Whether your club is equipped to handle a major gala isn’t as important as whether you form strong partnerships with these organizations. They’re often hosting smaller benefits too— and don’t forget charity golf tournaments. There’s potential there, too.

Again, you could use a direct mail campaign targeting local charitable organizations or you could take the personal approach and ask for a meeting with local charity reps.

These are Only a Few Strategies of Many…

Increasing your club’s cash flow is something you can do in so many ways.  

For most country clubs, these strategies might be enough to see solid results. Marketing is hard work. But if these strategies bring in just a few more banquets, charity events, golf outings or family memberships, you’re in a much better position than you were before — here’s to reaching your goals and seeing a brighter future at your country club.


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