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How to Manage Food and Beverage Service at Your Golf Club

With over 41 million Americans golfing each year, there's strong demand for golf clubs with a complete lineup of amenities. If you oversee a golf club, you may be hoping to expand your service offerings. You can create a memorable golf club event space that will attract guests hoping to host weddings, parties, and other events.

Taking on this kind of improvement might sound daunting. Fortunately, with the right approach, it doesn't have to be. Keep reading to learn how to manage food options and beverage service at your golf club!

Equip Your Club with the Right Food Service Supplies

Modern equipment is key to helping your food and beverage service flourish. Since you'll have competition from neighboring clubs, you can stand out from the crowd with efficient service. Consider ways to revamp your existing operations and facilities to achieve this goal.

For instance, kitchen monitors can display orders so all members of your staff can see them. This can enhance efficiency as opposed to using physical tickets that might be difficult to read and manage. You can shave five minutes or more off of the turnaround time when a guest places an order through an electronic system.

Consider your kitchen layout, as well. Work with your chefs and kitchen staff to make sure you can accommodate the range of services you offer.

You may need a designated area for takeout orders, for example. Or perhaps your prep stations are too cramped for the volume of orders you handle.

Remove physical obstructions that prevent your waitstaff from accessing orders. Additionally, ensure that the front and back of house staff can communicate easily. Look at galley, zone, and open layouts to see what works best in your kitchen space.

Optimize Your Menu

If you're hoping to make your food and beverage service better, you don't want an enormous menu. Too many different offerings can contribute to chaotic inventory control and spoilage. And if you have staff turnover, it can be challenging for new team members to learn every recipe or menu item.

You'll need to develop an inventory management system that prevents spoilage and gives you the best profit margin. This also means you'll need creative kitchen staff who can make the most of existing ingredients for nightly specials. You'll be able to cut down on food waste significantly if you have a plan in place.

It's also critical to keep tabs on the pulse of your customers. In other words, what kinds of menu items do your customers want? Is there demand for fine dining, or do most customers prefer casual faire?

Work with your chefs and bartenders to craft signature cocktails that pair with menu items. Use text and email marketing to ensure that golf club members and the public know about your latest offerings. And listen to your kitchen staff's input so you can make changes to help your bottom line.

Use Software to Stay Organized

Are you using old systems to keep track of orders, inventory needs, and other accounting processes? If you're relying on spreadsheets and filing cabinets, it's time to upgrade your system. Similarly, bulky technology setups can take up space and become outdated quickly.

Look into cloud-based software as a simple and convenient way to stay organized. With a centralized system, you'll be able to communicate with all levels. And best of all, you'll be able to maintain a calendar that's accessible to everyone.

You may want to have departments submit requests through your software system. That way, your food and beverage manager can catch budget issues or clamp down on overspending. Get bids from different vendors so you're finding the best prices.

You'll also be able to track bids and relationships with vendors through software. Have one person take the lead on reaching out to prospective vendors. This can help control communication and avoid overlap in responsibilities.

You can use the software to track customer information, as well. This information can include essential stats as well as dining preferences and frequency. You can use this information to revise your food service approach and offerings.

Enhance Your Onboarding Process

You need well-trained employees staffing a golf course event space. But you also need a strong leadership team. They'll delegate responsibilities and help build the right culture to help your golf club event space succeed.

After all, with 96% of workers looking for new jobs, you want to do what you can to keep good employees. This starts with the first day of work.

Make sure you have an experienced dining room manager at the helm. And make sure they're leading an onboarding process that's thorough. For starters, employees need to know the point of sale system you have in place.

They also need to know how to conform to the dining culture you've established. Have new employees shadow veteran servers. Let them taste your menu items, too, so they can be more informed salespeople on the floor.

Work with your staff at all levels to brainstorm ideas for promotions and tasting menus. Map out promotions across all aspects of your business, including both the fine dining area and casual pub. Be receptive to feedback from your staff so you can grow your food and beverage service.

Learn How to Manage Dining and Beverage Service

If you know how to coordinate beverage service and food options, you can elevate your guests' experience. You'll present a polished approach to dining that will encourage guests to book events at your golf club. Use software and staffing for a smooth workflow, and don't be afraid to reach out to management experts for input.

When you're ready to get help with club management to grow your business, contact us for help!